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Open K Cloud Experience For Marketing Solutions

Empowering Your Marketing with Seamless Digital Solutions

Welcome to Kadabra IT’s Open K Cloud Experience

Designed specifically for marketing professionals. Our state-of-the-art Digital Experience Platform (DXP) integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, offering flexibility, scalability, and the power to drive your digital strategies forward.

Get to know out key benefits:

  1. Autonomous Content Management:

    • Overview: Empower your marketing team to create, manage, and optimize content effortlessly.
    • Features: Intuitive Page Builder with Drag and Drop, customizable templates.
    • Benefits: Speed up content creation, ensure brand consistency, and reduce dependency on IT.
    • Flexibility: If you already have a CMS, we can integrate and enhance it with our platform.
  2. Enhanced User Engagement:

    Search Engine: Elastic Search

    • Overview: Leverage advanced search capabilities to improve user experience.
    • Features: AI-powered search, customizable to your needs.
    • Benefits: Boost user engagement, provide relevant search results, and increase conversion rates.
    • Flexibility: Can be integrated with your existing search tools.
  3. Personalized Customer Journeys:

    Customer Data Platform (CDP): Apache Unomi

    • Overview: Deliver personalized content based on user data and behavior.
    • Features: Advanced segmentation, real-time data processing.
    • Benefits: Enhance customer satisfaction, increase loyalty, and drive higher ROI.
    • Flexibility: Integrate with your current CDP or replace it with our solution.
  4. Effective Marketing Automation:

    Marketing Automation: Mautic

    • Overview: Automate your marketing campaigns for better efficiency.
    • Features: Multi-channel campaign management, personalized messaging.
    • Benefits: Save time, improve targeting, and achieve better campaign results.
    • Flexibility: Compatible with existing marketing automation tools or as a standalone solution.
  5. Streamlined Digital Asset Management:

    Digital Asset Management (DAM): Open Source Solutions

    • Overview: Manage all your digital assets in one place.
    • Features: Easy upload, search, and organization of assets.
    • Benefits: Improve collaboration, ensure quick access to assets, and maintain brand consistency.
    • Flexibility: Integrates with current DAM systems or replaces them.

Case Study

Read how we help your business thrive

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • CMS
  • Project Management

Case Study - Sequel Financial Institution

Discover how Kadabra IT partnered with Sequel Studio to develop a compliant, fast, and visually appealing portal for their financial client, featuring dynamic forms and real-time market exchange data.

What Our Clients Says

Ongoing work with Kadabra went very well, and above and beyond expectations again. The team worked quickly, and delivered everything on time. Can't ask for much more.

Stan Krug

Working with Kadabra IT is a pleasure. Their ability to provide clear, actionable advice and deliver high-quality solutions is exceptional.


Incredible communication, met/exceeded all deadlines and expectations. Would hire many times again.

Patrick Cassidy

The Kadabra team was excellent to work with. They got the job done and were always quick to respond. Highly recommend!

David Brown
Director of Marketing

Kadabra IT transformed our e-commerce platform, significantly boosting our sales and operational efficiency. Their technical prowess and dedication are unmatched.

Eli Barnet