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Apache Unomi

Welcome to Kadabra IT’s Apache Unomi solution, an integral part of our Open-K Digital Cloud. Apache Unomi provides comprehensive customer data management, enabling you to deliver personalized experiences and improve customer satisfaction. This solution is composable and can be utilized independently to suit your specific needs.

  1. Customer Data Platform (CDP)

    Overview: Apache Unomi is a powerful CDP that helps you manage and analyze customer data effectively.

    Features: Real-time data collection, flexible data management, and customizable data models.

    Benefits: Enhanced customer insights, personalized user experiences, and improved marketing effectiveness.

  2. Seamless Integration

    Overview: Easily integrate Apache Unomi with your existing systems and third-party services.

    Features: Robust APIs, customizable endpoints, and flexible data management.

    Benefits: Streamline operations, enhance functionality, and improve overall efficiency.

  3. Security and Compliance

    Overview: Benefit from robust security features and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

    Features: Data encryption, regular security updates, and compliance checks.

    Benefits: Protect your customer data and maintain regulatory compliance.

  4. Deployment Flexibility

    Overview: Apache Unomi is open source and can be deployed on various cloud platforms or on-premise.

    Features: Available on GCP, AWS, Azure, or your own infrastructure.

    Benefits: Flexibility to meet regulatory requirements and specific business needs, such as those of banks and other organizations.

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