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In this case study, we explore the collaborative project between Kadabra IT and Sequel Studio to develop a sophisticated portal for one of Sequel Studio’s clients in the financial sector.

The primary objectives were to build a compliant, fast, and visually appealing website, incorporating multiple forms and graphs to display real-time market exchange information dynamically.

The Challenge

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Sequel Studio’s client, a prestigious investment management firm with a rich history dating back to the 1800s, manages approximately $109 billion in assets annually. They faced several critical challenges in the financial sector:

  • Compliance Requirements: The portal needed to meet stringent financial industry regulations, including SEC compliance, to ensure data security and user privacy.

  • Performance and Speed: The existing solutions were slow and unresponsive, requiring significant improvements to enhance user experience.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The client sought a modern, visually appealing design to attract and retain users.

  • Dynamic Data Display: There was a need for multiple forms and interactive graphs to display real-time market exchange information.

  • User Engagement: Improving user interaction and engagement through an intuitive and seamless interface.

Solution + Implementation

To address these challenges, Kadabra IT Solutions, in collaboration with Sequel Studio, developed a robust data visualization platform. The implementation involved multidisciplinary teams from both Kadabra IT Solutions and Sequel Studio working closely with the financial client. By focusing on user feedback and prioritizing critical features, the platform was tailored to meet the specific needs of its users while maintaining high performance and ease of use.

  1. Initial Assessment and Planning

    • Conducted extensive consultations with Sequel Studio and their financial client to understand the specific needs and regulatory requirements.
    • Mapped out a user-centric and regulation-compliant interface design with our UX/UI design experts.
  2. Technical Execution

    • Platform Choice: Opted for Drupal 10 due to its robustness, scalability, and security features.
    • Custom Development: Created specialized modules to address the unique needs for compliance and dynamic data presentation.
    • System Integration: Ensured smooth integration with existing financial systems and APIs for real-time data synchronization.
  3. Key Features Implemented:

    • Regulatory Compliance: Integrated rigorous security measures to meet industry regulations, leveraging Drupal’s built-in security capabilities, including regular updates and two-factor authentication​.
    • Performance Improvements: Significantly enhanced website speed and responsiveness, achieving a PageSpeed score of 94 out of 100 on desktop as evidenced by the PageSpeed Insights report, and reducing load times by 50%​.
    • Modern Aesthetic: Developed an attractive, contemporary design using Drupal’s advanced theming capabilities to deliver an engaging user interface​.
    • Interactive Data Display: Implemented multiple interactive forms and graphs to provide real-time market data, demonstrating Drupal’s strong content management and dynamic display features​.
    • User Experience: Designed user-friendly navigation and interactive elements to enhance engagement, taking advantage of Drupal’s flexible modular architecture​.

The Results

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The completed portal delivered substantial benefits for Sequel Studio’s financial client:

  • Regulatory Adherence: Fully met all compliance requirements, ensuring robust data security and user privacy.

  • Enhanced Performance: The portal achieved significant performance improvements, with load times reduced from 6 seconds to 1.8 seconds, a Speed Index of 2.5 seconds, and a PageSpeed score of 94 out of 100 on the desktop, indicating superior performance and user experience.

  • User Experience Enhancement: Streamlined navigation and a refined information architecture contributed to a more intuitive user experience.

  • Real-Time Data Visualization: Enabled dynamic display of market data, improving the platform’s overall utility.

  • Increased User Interaction: User engagement metrics rose by 35% due to improved design and interactive features.

Key Takeaways

Our comprehensive planning and implementation were key to understanding and fulfilling the client’s needs, ensuring accurate project scoping and regulatory compliance. By resolving performance issues, we significantly improved the portal's speed and user experience.

Enhanced information architecture and design have made navigation more intuitive. Deploying a secure and robust platform has optimized real-time data handling, meeting industry standards. Kadabra IT’s ongoing support guarantees continuous enhancements and adaptation to future requirements.