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Bring Your Software Vision to Life

Web Application Development | Digital Experience Platforms | Systems Integration | eCommerce Platform

Software Engineering Team-as-a-Service

Boost your business with our elite software engineering teams, delivering innovative solutions and exceptional quality.

Automatically Tailor Smart Content for Your Audiences

Leverage our Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for smart, automated content personalization and precise audience targeting.

How we work

From Discovery to Growth, all the way

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    We begin by understanding your unique digital landscape and crafting strategies that address your current needs while laying the groundwork for future growth.

    We position ourselves as service providers and strategic partners, working collaboratively to set your digital direction.

  • build


    We bring your digital dreams to life with precision engineering.

    From bespoke websites to complex digital ecosystems, our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing tech landscape, ensuring scalability, security, and future viability.

  • evolve


    Post-launch, we don’t step back; we dive deeper.

    By analyzing user feedback and leveraging data insights, we refine and optimize your platforms, ensuring they evolve with cutting-edge technology and deliver continuous growth and success.

  • consultancy


    Extend your team’s capabilities with our elite tech talents.

    We offer flexible engagement models to suit your needs, from fully integrating our experts into your projects to providing strategic guidance, helping you transform into a robust, future-ready enterprise.

Who we help

From Closed Project to Dedicated Teams

Our Work

Get to Know More About Our Work

  • SEO
  • Drupal

Case Study -

In this case study, we explore Kadabra IT's collaboration with the Government of Uruguay to consolidate and enhance their web presence using the Drupal distribution. The goal was to create a unified, high-performance, and accessible platform for delivering government services and information to citizens seamlessly.

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • CMS
  • Project Management

Case Study - Sequel Financial Institution

Discover how Kadabra IT partnered with Sequel Studio to develop a compliant, fast, and visually appealing portal for their financial client, featuring dynamic forms and real-time market exchange data.

  • Drupal
  • Project Management
  • SEO
  • UX/UI design

Case Study - Santander

Discover how Kadabra IT revamped Santander Uruguay's website to enhance speed, user experience, compliance, and content management, positioning it as the fastest private bank website in the country.


All You Need to Know About Our Web Development Services

Discover how we can transform your digital presence. Below are the answers to some of the most common questions our clients ask.

Kadabra IT provides a range of services including bespoke website development, large-scale CMS solutions, and comprehensive digital ecosystem management.

We implement industry best practices and leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure all our solutions are secure, scalable, and future-ready.

We begin with a thorough analysis of your digital landscape, followed by crafting a tailored strategy that addresses your current needs and supports future growth.

Yes, our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing technology, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance.

Post-launch, we continue to support and optimize your platforms by analyzing user feedback and leveraging data insights, ensuring continuous growth and success.

Kadabra IT transformed our e-commerce platform, significantly boosting our sales and operational efficiency. Their technical prowess and dedication are unmatched.

Eli Barnet

They’re always willing to do whatever it takes to get things done and get the project through the finish line.

Brian Crooks
Managing Director

I recommend working with them — they will provide the best advice.

Fernando Estevez
Business Partner IT

Incredible communication, met/exceeded all deadlines and expectations. Would hire many times again.

Patrick Cassidy

Kadabra IT were wonderful to work with. They were professional, fun, and responsive.

Ali Kent

The team at Kadabra IT excels in understanding client needs and delivering timely, impressive results. They are always open to resolving any challenges that arise.

Ignacio De Paula

Ongoing work with Kadabra went very well, and above and beyond expectations again. The team worked quickly, and delivered everything on time. Can't ask for much more.

Stan Krug

Kadabra IT's communication and problem-solving skills are top-notch. Their technical expertise ensured our project was a success

Adrián Stagno
Business Manager

As always, the Kadabra team comes through on a challenging Drupal contract. Happy to give them a bonus for their work!

Karthik Balachander

The Kadabra team was excellent to work with. They got the job done and were always quick to respond. Highly recommend!

David Brown
Director of Marketing

Working with Kadabra IT is a pleasure. Their ability to provide clear, actionable advice and deliver high-quality solutions is exceptional.