Sugey adminkdb mayo 5, 2023

Sugey & Kadabra join forces to help the Larimer community

About the project







When you’re highly competent with a specialized skill, you tend to be in demand. For us, that skill is Drupal. We employ some of the most talented Drupal developers in the field and ensure that most of our staff is fully certified. We regularly contribute to the Drupal community, sponsoring events and contributing to shared codebases. If your project requires Drupal experts, you’ve found the right company.

This is why, when Sugey One needed help with Drupal implementation for a website they were developing for a major government agency, they came to us. The project required rigorous planning and design and a DevOps background to aid in getting the completed build up and running in production.

We rolled up our sleeves and jumped into the fray.

Kadabra finished on budget and delivered the site when another team failed. We hired them again. The Kadabra team came in half-way through our project when another team dropped off and had to pick up the slack. They did an excellent job of analyzing the problems, and diving into how to solve for solutions. When they were stuck with bad decisions from the original team, they did they best they could to fix those on the fly.


We tackled the problem using a staged approach. First, we developed a new methodology for managing provider accounts, which avoided previous pitfalls and significantly reduced operational overhead. Then we pushed these changes into production before moving on to other areas of the website. This allowed providers to begin developing their presence while the rest of the site was still in development.

Then we created a custom framework for dealing with the complexities of the site’s user permissions, cross-referencing user categories with site functions and access levels. This meticulous process resulted in a roadmap that Sugey One and we could follow as we built out the code and overarching design.

Simultaneously we were scrupulously implementing a DevOps solution that worked for our client and theirs. Not only did we share our methods with Sugey One to help speed up their development process, but we also applied the same approaches to our work, ensuring a consistent, efficient, error-free production system.


Even before site completion, our work was already paying dividends. Service providers were impressed with how easy it was to set up their accounts and manage their data.

That process, which had been stymied before our involvement, took off after we pushed our designs into production. New providers flocked to the site, setting up accounts in record numbers. Sugey One’s client was ecstatic. Previous difficulties had undermined their faith in the project, but once they saw people getting involved, their confidence grew dramatically.

We solved the user permissions issue as well. With an ounce of logic and a pound of invention, we built a system that flawlessly handled permissions, accounting for the exacting standards obligated by the client and regulatory requirements.

Today the site is up and running, smoothly handling patient requests and expertly matching them with the right provider. Users report positive experiences, due in no small part to the Drupal codebase we developed to manage the complicated processes happening just below the surface.

Sugey One was enthusiastic about the results. Not only were they able to finish the project on time, but they also delivered precisely what their client had asked for. As a result, countless people will get the help they require from the professionals best suited to their needs.

We are pleased to have had the chance to help. It’s nice to work on projects that make a difference in people’s lives. In the end, everyone wins.