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Awesomeness and creative people

Teamwork is the ability work together toward Over 8 years ago, Kadabra planted its roots as a Drupal development technology company and has since evolved, focused on detecting, understanding and solving the needs of its customers, to become the world-class Drupal and WordPress development technology consultancy that it is today.

Our History

Kadabra was founded in 2013 by Luis with the initial goal of helping great organizations do big projects with Drupal.

We won our first tender and started working with governments.

Taking advantage of our deep expertise in Drupal and PHP, we incorporate WordPress to our service offering.

We started to execute Gub.uy, our first 20K+ hours-project with great success.

We started to help non-profit organizations and associations from our role as experts in Drupal and WordPress

Driven by our growth with first-class clients in Latin America, we took on the challenge of helping our first clients in the US and Canada.


We reached out our first awesome 100+ successful projects executed, always with the aim of helping our clients meet their objectives.


Our team keeps growing! We reached 25+ talented people in our organization, with a particular focus on the selection process to acquire the best talents in LATAM.


We continue growing and helping Nonprofits, Digital Agencies and Governments to achieve their digital goals.


We partner with non-profit organizations and associations, as well as mid-market businesses and governments to optimize their web-based technologies, increase their development capabilities, guide their digital transformation, and bring their creative vision to life.

As a web technology consultancy, we take a results-based approach to helping our clients leverage their people, processes, and technology to get more value out of their technology investments.

Our services span the entire gamut of web-based technology, from Large scale web & CMS development and Managed Teams to Drupal & WordPress Rescue Team and Support & Maintenance.

We operate as an extension of your team to help with your digital transformation every step of the way.

The team is our secret!

Luis Sanchez
CEO and Head of Sales
Victoria De Leon
Head of Operations
Paola Flangini
Head of Administration
Mariana Di Bello
Head of People & Culture
Michael Romero
Juan Izquierdo
Business Development Manager

Enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.

2 of the 10 most digitized governments in the world trust Kadabra to build smart web solutions for their complex digital problems.