Sequel Studio adminkdb mayo 5, 2023

Simplifying a Complex, High-Compliance Website with Sequel Studio

About the project

Sequel Studio






Sequel Studio is an NYC-based Marketing and Advertising Agency focused on brand activation through strategy, design, and technology.

Sequel’s strengths were in UI/UX development. Still, they were looking for a technology partner to enhance their capabilities to support highly complex, large-scale web development projects.

One of these projects involved a comprehensive website redesign for a publicly-traded, full-service bank operating more than 150 branches in New York and New Jersey.

The project involved a complete re-engineering of their website. The client needed to transform their platform into a tool through which their marketing department could offer financial products and services and execute targeted marketing campaigns.

Kadabra entered the canvas as a strategic partner, working alongside Sequel Studios to augment their remarkable UX/UI capabilities and successfully re-engineer and implement the new website.


This project had several technical challenges in its execution, significantly, integration with several third-party systems. One of these was Yext, an AI Search Solution, which enabled the website to provide intelligent responses to client queries.

Additionally, the site needed to support sophisticated marketing campaigns, including ad groupings and a system for managing, prioritizing, publishing, and displaying those ads.

Our primary focus was to transform the complex into something simple and user-friendly, to give the clients’ editors easy-to-use tools and streamline their workflows to manage their content and campaigns easily.

To solve these challenges, we launched a short discovery phase, during which one of our Architects and Project Managers identified the client’s business needs. We documented the architecture that the new website should have, which was summarily validated by the client.

We got down to work.



We applied our Managed Team service to the task—a multidisciplinary team with multiple specialists taking on various roles at different project stages.

For this initiative, we deployed a Project Manager, Scrum Master, Drupal Architect, Drupal Development Team, QA Team, and DevOps Team. Working closely with Sequel, we designed a feature-rich platform that aligned closely with the brand.

The tools and functionality we brought to the table resulted in a flexible, user-friendly tool that the client’s content editors could use to work, create, deploy, and communicate efficiently, which had been absent in the previous iteration of their web architecture.

The new website made light work of what had been arduous internal workflows. As a result, their marketing teams could accomplish more in less time and design and launch highly efficient campaigns that were fully trackable within the system.

The project was completed on time and cost.