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Sequel Studios Engages Kadabra to Simplify the Complex in Record Time

About the project

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Sequel Studio is an NYC-based Marketing and Advertising Agency focused on brand activation through strategy, design, and technology.

Sequel’s strengths were in UI/UX development, but they were looking for a technology partner to enhance their technological solutions. In doing so, they would be able to expand their services to support several highly complex, large-scale web development projects that they were about to take on.

One of them was a comprehensive rebranding and web redesign for one of the most important investment management companies in the U.S. Founded in 1864, the firm manages approximately $109 billion in assets for institutional and individual clients and has annual revenue of $100 million.

Tasked with implementing a new website and communications platform for the client, Sequel partnered with Kadabra to augment their extraordinary UX/UI capabilities and bring the project to fruition.

"As the project was very complex and there was a lot at stake. We met on several occasions, during which time they evaluated our portfolio. A technical evaluation was completed to demonstrate our capacity, capabilities, and the quality of our work—a critical milestone for them as they needed to have absolute trust in our ability to deliver and comply with code standards in Drupal. Based on the evaluation results and supported by references from previous clients, we were selected to move forward."


The end client was an investment management firm with a complex set of financial products. Sequel was undertaking a comprehensive redesign of the firm’s brand and communications platform, and the challenge was nothing short of titanic. Timelines were short as they had to complete the job within five months. Kadabra joined the team as a strategic partner to help them complete and implement the new website in the stipulated time.

The work had a high level of technical complexity, not the least of which was compliance with the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) regulations.

Because it was Sequel, we knew the project would be enormous. We ran a six-week discovery phase to identify everything that needed to be done to complete the project, which would include designing the Drupal architecture to align with the client’s business model. The results of our evaluation showed us we would need 3,000 hours to complete everything. We had five months to get it done.


We applied our Managed Team service to the task—a multidisciplinary team with multiple specialists taking on various roles at different project stages.

For this initiative, we deployed a Project Manager, Scrum Master, Drupal Architect, Drupal Development Team, QA Team, and DevOps Team. Working closely with Sequel, we designed a feature-rich platform that aligned closely with the brand.

The tools and functionality we brought to the table resulted in a flexible, user-friendly tool that the client’s content editors could use to communicate efficiently, which they had been unable to do before.

The new website elevated the client’s web presence to the next level, providing a totally renewed and improved experience to its clients, who welcomed this transformation with great enthusiasm.