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CADTH is a government-run program whose primary role is to supply healthcare decision makers with detailed reports and assessments of drugs, drug classes, medical devices, and technologies. The objective evidence they generate is intended to help critical stakeholders make informed decisions to improve public health and related programs.

The web portal that CADTH uses to create, publish, and distribute this material, requires a particular architecture that supports their existing workflow for the creation, validation, and publication of critical data.

All goals were achieved within CADTH’s original timelines. After the new website launch, CADTH retained us to provide ongoing support and maintenance, and to create, evolve, and maintain their Drupal and WordPress applications. CADTH and Kadabra enjoy collaborating on ways to improve internal workflows and service delivery. The client loves working with Kadabra based on our experience and technical solvency, excellent communication, and our commitment to excellence through every process.


CADTH’s web architecture was built in Drupal 7. As internal processes, organizational needs, and technology evolved, they found that the old website was not flexible or agile enough to support the required changes.

Migration to Drupal 8 would provide them with the architecture they needed to meet their needs and give them a solid foundation to grow on. They needed to accomplish the migration with little to no downtime and minimal disruption to their service and site functionality.

With the clock ticking down to their scheduled re-launch, CADTH was forced to source a new provider to finish the project.

CADTH needed an ally with sufficient development experience in Drupal and WordPress. Having evaluated several Canadian providers, they chose Kadabra based on our capabilities, experience, cost efficiency, and value-added services—most specifically, our Rescue Team.

If we were to help CADTH achieve its goals on their nearly impossible timelines, a lifeline was needed. The Rescue Team got right to work. We deployed a product owner and project manager to quickly assess the core business, review the state of the project thus far, and provide suggestions as to how to move forward.

The Rescue Team are like first responders for IT emergencies, diving into the opportunity to push a project through short timelines and deliver beyond all expectations, no matter what stage of the project.


The most urgent need was in adapting the Drupal 7 live website to accommodate new requirements and workflows. Specifically, they needed to present reviews on new drugs and medical technologies, and organize them under a new, more efficient, and secure file structure.

Next, we were to continue their Drupal 8 website redesign project. We first evaluated the status of the project and established a roadmap to take it to completion.

We also designed a solution to make their content uploads faster and more efficient. Users can now upload and manage content on the same page, significantly reducing the time it takes to accomplish their work.

We completed the job within their original timeframe, enabling CADTH to fulfill its primary objective and seamlessly launch its new platform without any disruption of service. During the course of this rescue mission, we made substantial improvements to the information architecture, server infrastructure, and the CI/CD system.

Users are now able to search and locate accurate information quickly and intuitively. Their new media library enables internal staff to collaborate, update, and share information securely with all stakeholders with full tracking, versioning, and lifecycle control.